2017 Forum Activities

Group Photo

The 2017 Emory-UNAM Foro Binacional Mecanismos de Aprendizaje was held at the Instituto de Neurobiología in Qeurétaro, México, which is part of the Universidad Nacional Autónomo de México. This year’s forum brought together 33 Mexican and US graduate student participants, 9 Mexican and US invited faculty member participants, and many other local participants and observers.

Graduate students and faculty members shared research results through 33 graduate student poster presentations and 9 faculty lectures. The faculty lectures were designed to convey cutting edge research findings representing research using a wide variety of species and methods from behavioral to neurophysiological to computational approaches. These lectures were also designed to inspire new research ideas in the collected group of graduate students.

After the lectures, students met in small groups consisting of students from different countries, universities, and research backgrounds to formulate novel research ideas inspired by the lectures they saw earlier. These new research ideas were then presented to the faculty experts and graduate students in lively “hypothesis” sessions.

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Participants shared work and social time from breakfast to bedtime. Coffee breaks, meals, and cultural events provided many opportunities for participants to get to know each other and form friendships that may last through, and facilitate, their careers.


The 2017 Forum was planned by Rob Hampton, Patricia Bauer, Hugo Merchant, and Joe Manns, and generously supported by funding from both US and Mexican sources, including several components of Emory University, the Instituto de Neurobiología, UNAM, the US Embassy in Mexico, ANUIES, and others. Thank you!

Images: Mayra Linares Rodríguez (COMEXUS), Laura Sanchez Carballo  (INB), Lupita Calderón (INB)